In need of some iron? I got you sorted

NOTE: I wrote this blog like 3 weeks ago and only just got around to publishing it so soz about that, i’ve been a busy gal. 


I write this blog at the end of my 3rd week at work, but having done my first week of being in an office for 5 consecutive days in months. In my previous job, I could work from home once or twice a week, which turns out REALLY BREAKS THE WEEK UP. This week has felt like one long, uninterrupted cycle of tube work tube home repeat. It also means I don’t get an extra hour in bed every few days which, turns out, really hurts my head and makes me an irritable s . Lauren is a lucky girl.

Anyway I am going to stop complaining and move on to the wondrous situation that is LIVING IN LONDON.

I’ll level with you. I’ve never really been one of those people that’s always wanted to live and work in London. London scares me a bit. Everyone walks so fast and you have to spend a lot of time underground and I’m an introvert and secretly a bit claustrophobic and in an ideal world I’d spend my days on my own in a car. HOWEVER Lauren needs to be here for work and I am nothing if not a dutiful girlfriend, so I got a job doing campaigns for a charity.

Firstly, my job title makes me sound like a much better person than I actually am. I’m a bit of a knob really – an upbringing as a fairly privileged, only child has meant that I’ve never really experienced *problems* and as a result I’m probably one of those people that other people who have it worse off hate. That’s not me bragging about my life but I’m pragmatic, I’ve had it fairly easy, so as a result I can be a bit selfish and s . So it makes me feel a bit better about this that I go in to work for a charity every day, and it sounds really good on paper, except when you take into account that I actually just do social marketing and when you say marketing everyone resumes thinking I’m a bit of a knob, so that’s a relief.

Back to living in London. It’s just so CONVENIENT. Everything is here, everything is accessible from everywhere by about 4 different types of transport. I want to go to work but the tube is  ? No problem, I’ll get a bus. Or I can walk if I’m feeling particularly virtuous. Out for dinner after work? Great, there about 4 million options of where to eat and all are within 45 mins from both my office and the flat. Everyone knows someone with a recommendation of where to go, regardless of what cuisine you fancy, so as a result you never have to trawl the street and do that thing where everyone ends up hating each other and nobody can decide where to go.

The street literally perpendicular to my office has about 25 street food stalls on every lunchtime (that’s not even an exaggeration). I could fancy ANYTHING and someone will cook it fresh for me in about 4 minutes.

photo1 flat-iron-steak

Last night I went for dinner with some old school friends (old, school friends, not OLD SKOOL friends) and we went to a place called Flat Iron in Covent Garden. They only do steaks (perfs for a hardened carnivore like me) and various iron-rich sides like spinach. Now, when you think of steak in a restaurant you think ‘ooooh may be a bit pricey’, and generally you’d be right. NOT AT FLAT IRON. Guess how much the steak was.

Go on, guess.

If you said £10 you’re CORRECT. TEN. And it was gloriously melty (I had mine cooked rare obvs) and not chewy and well-seasoned and you even get little meat cleavers as your knives which they specifically tell you not to steal.

In case you couldn’t tell, I loved it. Not brill if you’re on a bit of a veggie kick, or you’re trying to lower your cholesterol, but otherwise GO THERE RIGHT NOW.

P.S. SPOILER ALERT – They have 4 branches around London. At the Covent Garden branch, they give you free ice cream at the end. FREEEEEE. There’s only one thing that tastes better than salted caramel ice cream, and its FREE salted caramel ice cream.



Another note: These images aren’t mine cos I was too hungry and it was too dark. Whoops.

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