Sky Garden, London

Fenchurch Restaurant, Sky Garden, and Tower Bridge Hilton

In August I was fortunate enough to be whisked away to Fenchurch Restaurant (the restaurant at Sky Garden in London) as a birthday present by Lauren. Because I’m just an all round great gal, I arranged for us to stay in the Hilton Doubletree at Tower Bridge as well, so we made a weekend of it.

We got the train up from Brighton and the trip was started off well because we got a free can of Desperados at the station. They ID’d me, I am assuming for my youthful good looks, but nothing stops me from getting freebies.


One thing I love about Doubletrees is that they give you a free warm cookie each on arrival. The first time I visited a Doubletree I assumed they’d be some sort of shit stale version that the local supermarket had put in the bin the night before but oh no, they are DIVINE. They produce them from under their desk and every time I wonder if there’s like a little oven down there and if so does it not get hot when they’re sitting there? And how do they stop themselves eating all of them? So many questions. But they’re gooey and warm and delicious.

Before we headed to Fenchurch, we headed for a drink on the rooftop bar. Love a good rooftop bar. You get some great views, of Tower Bridge, 110 Bishopsgate (the building where Duck and Waffle is) and the Gherkin. For some reason we got free Prosecco, which we had to slightly down because we were running a bit late for the meal.


As we had a dinner reservation, we skipped the normal queue to go in which on a Saturday night was rather long (LATERZ SUCKAZ). Sky Garden itself is lovely. It’s up a tall tower (<3) with very big windows and as the name would suggest there are lots of plants in there. I’m sure they’re special or important plants, but it’s slightly bizarre to see so many plants at such a great height? Maybe I’m overanalysing it?

Fenchurch Restaurant itself is very nice. You’re on like a mezzanine level (so you get to go even higher, bwhaha) and the restaurant isn’t that big at all, compared to the size of the bar below. We were seated in literally the corner of the restaurant with our backs to everyone else, looking out the window. This was literally the perfect table and I suggest if you’re planning to go and there are 2 of you, you request this table. It means you can survey the view whilst you eat, and you feel slightly separate from the rest of the restaurant.


I had a slow cooked hens egg with parmesan toast, and – as is the norm when you go to these places – the egg felt and tasted completely different from your bog standard home-cooked poached egg.

For the mains, there are lots of meats to choose from (ME LIKE MEAT, ME GROW BIG AND STRONG) and given that I live in West Sussex I was pleased to see that the lamb and pork were both reared at Goodwood which is a local Estate. Oh my god look at me talking like a right knobhead. I’ve eaten 3 McDonalds in a day before, get it together Tilly.


Before pudding, they came and offered us this rum cocktail thing and to be honest with you I can’t remember what they said was in it, but the guy assured us it was very nice. Being the suckers we are, we went with it, and the first few sips were really nice but then clearly we got towards more of the business end of the cocktail and it ended up being super strong. Obviously I made my way through mine cos I am a MassiveLAD.

I had like a chocolate and cherry mousse thing for pudding which was lovely, but I had food envy because Lauren got soufflé and it was so proud and inflated and she was understandably very smug about the whole thing. However, due to the cocktail, I probably could have eaten a bowl of flaming bran flakes and I wouldn’t have known any better.

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As we left, the sun was setting (remember summer when there was more than about 2 hours daylight? Remember that?!) so we got a lovely view out onto 110 Bishopsgate and The Gherkin. I basically had to be dragged away from the tall tower kicking and screaming.

We met friends afterwards for drinks in Brixton. I managed to block my credit card because I got too drunk and thought it was my debit card despite them looking very different from one another. When we got back to the Hilton we insisted they gave us more free cookies, and they duly reached into their oven-desk and produced them.

The next morning, we went down for breakfast which was insanely busy (it was peak time on a Sunday to be fair) so we were rather squeezed into a table. I was feeling somewhat worse for wear and the amount of people within 50m of me was not helping my hangover anxiety so only managed to nibble on a hash brown and some eggs. We went and enjoyed the view from the bar one last time, and then headed off to Spoons where we sat in the darkest corner for about 4 hours. On the way, I ran away from Lauren because her hangover was making me feel more hungover. Tru luv.

Life goals.

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