The Berlin Wall


I wanted to write this to let you know that it’s okay.

Do not panic.

Normal service will be resumed.

I haven’t been out of the country for about 2 weeks now and I know everybody will be concerned that I’m getting cabin fever and have turned into some sort of hermit with agoraphobia but NEVER FEAR I have another trip planned for over New Year (that rhymed).

Lauren and I visited Berlin for our first holiday together (awwww, right?!) back in April, for her birthday. We both fell in love with the City, mostly for its relaxed atmosphere to street drinking and impeccable public transport – clearly these are the two things I look for in a holiday destination.

Dinner at Sky Kitchen, Andel's Hotel, Berlin

Berlin was where we visited our first Michelin Star restaurant (again, all together, awwww) which was very conveniently situated within our hotel – the lovely Andel’s – and I still maintain it was the best meal I’ve ever had which is quite a feat. It was up a tall(ish, for Berlin) tower, the sun was setting, the restaurant was relaxed and comfortable and the service was excellent. Most importantly, the food was perfect and we visited before our obsession with zillions of courses so I actually left wanting more. Also, because everything was in German, I had no idea what I was eating. After this, we went downstairs to our room and drank 20p beer from Aldi (which was better than most English beers tbh). It was legit probably one of the best nights of my life. Vom at me.

Sky Garden, Berlin

Another restaurant we visted in Berlin was a place called unsicht-bar which I’m assuming translates to ‘unsight bar’ because it is completely dark. Like. No really, COMPLETELY DARK. Not just ohhhh it’s a bit gloomy in here I can’t really see what I’m eating-dark. Completely, utterly, nothingness dark. Before you start thinking they just forgot to pay their electric bill (hohoho I’m so funny) I shall clarify that the darkness is intentional – all the waiters and waitresses are blind or partially sighted, and it’s supposed to be an ‘experience’ where you understand what it would be like if you lost your sight.


Anxious is what I’d be like if I lost my sight.

You have to be led into the restaurant by placing your hand on the back of your server’s shoulder, then they walk you to the table. The first 15 minutes or so are genuinely terrifying. I have never clutched a bread basket so hard, it was like I was going to fall off the table. The food was alright, but I got so frustrated with my knife and fork and not being able to see my own face that I ended up just picking up my bit of meat and eating it with my hands like some sort of animal. There’s a nice mental image for you all.

I have no pictures of this restaurant because, hello – dark, so here’s a picture I took of my desk which illustrates what I could see whilst being in the restaurant.



I highly recommend you visit it, but I will in no way be going back there. So take from that what you will.

The TV Tower, Berlin

I mentioned in my post about my love affair with tall buildings that we went up Berlin’s TV tower. This was significantly less exciting than it sounds, but it is by far the tallest building in Berlin, which tells you how flat Berlin is. It rotates, but I could not get my head around this for like the first 20 minutes that we were up there. I was CONVINCED we weren’t moving. Then I looked out the window and realised we were looking at a completely different bit of Berlin so um. My bad. We had a meal up there and I swear to god they served us the biggest bit of cheesecake I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Cheesecake in TV Tower, Berlin


The Berlin Wall 2

This was also the place that I learned that the Berlin wall wasn’t straight. IT WASN’T STRAIGHT?! It’s all jaggedy with corners and stuff. Thinking about this, it makes complete sense, but never in my 24 (at this point) years of life had this ever dawned on me. We spent approximately 87% of our time in Berlin at various bits of the wall. The coolest bit is the East Side Gallery which I’m sure you’ll all be aware of and/or have visited so yes let’s all agree it’s very cool.

On our last day (Lauren’s birthday) we went to the zoo and made friends with some goats which seemed to be just casually roaming round the place. Berlin clearly trust their zoo animals and visitors because most of the enclosures were just protected by a TINY LITTLE ROPE. My impulse control was going crazy because I wanted to just run into the giraffe enclosure and hug them. I heard a Lion roar and fell in love with a Sand Cat <33333 it took all my willpower not to steal it. Life goals: Obtain a Sand Cat. Also, if you’ve met my mum, don’t you think this sand cat looks like her?

Sand Cat at Berlin Zoo

If you take nothing else away from this post then learn these things:

  • the Berlin wall was not one big long straight line
  • The TV Tower is not as exciting as it sounds
  • Complete darkness + trying to enjoy dinner = anxiety overload

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