Scallops with pea and elderflower puree at 24 St Georges, Brighton

24 St Georges, Brighton (on multiple occasions)

Occasionally I like to go out for nice meals just because. I like food, and I like dinner, and I like wine and I just want someone to bring me all those things whilst I relax in a nice setting. SO SUE ME.

Mine and Lauren’s go-to restaurant for not-really-celebrations-but-sort-of is a place called 24 St. Georges in Kemp Town, Brighton.

We had booked to go there in the summer, then I got a pay rise at work so we used that as an excuse. Then we booked go to again, and it was the day after we arranged to go to New York, so we were sort of celebrating that (I was very poor for the rest of the month). Then last weekend, we actually specifically booked to go for my Mum’s birthday. AN ACTUAL OCCASION.

I’m going to amalgamate all the times we’ve been in this review, because I’ve had something different each time (which is impressive, for me) and because I’m lazy, so you’ll get a general jist of what the place is like.

Main course at 24 St Georges, Brighton

24 St Georges is fancy but without being imposing or threatening. It’s quite small in there anyway, and it’s broken up into 3 different dining rooms so it feels nice and intimate (vom at that word) but still like you’re treating yourself and not like you’re just in someone’s lounge ‘avin a cheeky curry with Smithy and da bois.

The first time we went, we were sat next to this couple of guys and we spent about 79% of the meal not listening to each other and eavesdropping on their conversation. We couldn’t work out for the life of us whether they were on a date, or related, or just friends. One of the guys was a lot older, and he bought dinner, whilst the younger guy was talking about how he was going to Legends (a gay bar in Kemp Town) afterwards. It was all very confusing, and it still bothers me that I don’t know what the situation was there. I MUST FIND THEM. After they left, we made friends with the rest of the restaurant because we all bonded over our choice of pudding. I don’t know how these things happen to us.

Anyway, you probably want to know about the food, rather than our bizarre restaurant friends.

Beef at 24 St Georges, Brighton

The food is delicious. The restaurant has a Bib Gourmand which means the Michelin Guide recommends it, but it doesn’t have a star. We tend to go for the Table D’Hote menu (don’t ask me what that means, I got nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) which is a set price for 4 courses but you pay a supplement if you want steak or scallops (which obv everybody does).

The food is well put together – the first time I went I had scallops with an elderflower and pea puree and they remain to this day the best scallops I’ve ever had (about on a par with Eleven Maddison Park’s – albeit very different). When we went recently, I had some turbot with chicken. FISH AND CHICKEN. A great c-c-c-combo. The waiter comes over and explains your food and explained that the chicken was supposed to be pink because it’s cooked in a special way. I’m very trusting – if a person in a smart suit told me that the fizzing liquid with a skull and crossbones on was SUPPOSED to burn my throat and stomach then I’d just be like oh okay yeah cool and go along with it.

I also had this pudding which looked like a skeptical face.

Pudding at 24 St Georges, Brighton

I only recently started liking wine because I am 25 but not a real adult yet, and a large part of this was down to the first time we went to 24 St Georges and had a bottle of Chenin Blanc and I felt like a LADY, so well done them for that. I think this means that the wine is nice.

The restaurant also does those little things that make you feel like you’re actually at a nice restaurant, such as bringing you out a selection of handmade breads and a little mini homemade scotch egg as an amuse bouche and then bringing out a mojito sorbet as a palate cleanser. You can have a shot of rum with it for 50p extra so of course you do because HELL YEAH 50p for a shot of rum.

24 St George’s is my favourite restaurant in the UK, even more so than more expensive places like Duck and Waffle and Fenchurch Street in Sky Garden (even though they’re up high and I do love a tall tower) because of how low key and chill it is but whilst still retaining that special feeling, and doing outstanding food.

If you’re in Brighton and looking for somewhere to celebrate (or pretend to celebrate) then it’s definitely worth a visit 👌🏻oh but they did nearly lose my scarf once, so maybe hang on to that.

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